KS311 Hydraulic Longhole Drilling Rig for Underground Mining

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The KS311 Hydraulic long-hole drilling rig is mainly used for blast drilling operations in medium-scale production drilling in underground mining application. Both the applicable height and width of tunnels fall in the range of 3.5m-5m. The support for the drill boom is capable of 360-degree rotation. In combination with a swing boom and translational guide rail, it is capable of 360-degreee drilling and parallel drilling within three meters, thus meeting the requirements of various mine drillings.

Application and feature
1. The automatic rod-changing system has a storing capacity of 27 drill rods and the drilling depth can reach as far as 42 meters.
2. The front and rear of the advancing beam are fitted with hydraulic supporting cylinders for smooth drilling. It is fitted with the hydraulic guiding cylinders and thus ensures drilling straightness.
3. The trolley-type workbench with a good sight is adopted; and the wireless remote controller can serve as an option.
4. The articulated mining chassis of closed hydraulic drive is suitable for small and medium-sized tunnels.
5. The stepped piston is used for the high-frequency impacting rock drill and this can improve the transmission efficiency of impact wave and drilling speed and reduce the consumption of drilling tools.

Zhengzhou Kaishan Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD.

Zhengzhou Kaishan Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD.

Zhengzhou Kaishan Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD.


Technical Parameters
1、Dimensions and weight

Height3300 mm
Weight16000 kg /Appr. 16000㎏
Tramming speed on flat ground10km/h
Maximum climbing capacity25% (14°)

2. Safety protection

Lifting safety roofMeet the requirements of FOPS and ROPS

3. Drilling system

Impact power24kW
Impact flow138L/min
Impact pressure200bar
Maximum rotary pressure210bar
Impact Frequency48-57 Hz
Shank threadT38、T45
Hole diameter64-7689-102
Thread of drill rodT38T45
Drilling depth42m42m
Pitch angle of advancing beam20°, 65 /Front: 20°, back: 65°
Ring angle360°
Rang of Parallel holes1500mm /1500mm each side
Length of drill rod1525mm1830mm
Length of advancing beam3500mm3800mm
Feed extension1200mm1200mm

4. Electric hydraulic power unit

Impact /Feed/ PositioningAxial variable displacement piston pump
RotationGear pump
Filter Accuracy10μ
Hydraulic oil tank240 L
Hydraulic coolerwater cooler
Working voltage380V
Starting methodStar-triangle
Cable reel1×K440
Length of reel cabling80m
Outer diameter of cableΦ32mm
Cable specifications3×50+3G10

5. Air & water system

Air compressor1×JN4
Capacity of air compressor0.5 m3/min
Device of shank lubricationElectronic pulse lubrication pump
Air consumption of lubrication0.3 m 3/min
Oil Consumption of lubrication180-250 g/h
Water pump1×CR10
Capacity of water pump8m3/h

6. Chassis

Diesel engineCummins QSB3.9-C125/93kW
Exhaust purificationExhaust catalyst
Drive systemClosed travelling system of four-wheel drive
Swing angleSwing of rear axle:±10°
Steering mechanismArticulated steering: ±40°
Travelling brakingDouble-circuit hydraulic brake
Parking brakingWet multidisc brake of reducer


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