KS400 Water Well Drill Rig

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Water well drilling rig can effectively improve drilling quality of drilling.The crawler type water well drilling rig is a light and multifunctional drilling rig used for drilling water wells, monitoring wells, ground source heat pump air conditioning holes and other deep holes, especially suitable for ground-source heat pump air conditioning hole engineering requiring intensive operations. It can reduce the noise of the vehicle's running mechanism, reduce the vibration of the vehicle body, and greatly reduce fuel consumption. It can walk on urban roads without hurting the road surface.
Features of KS400 Water Well Drill Rig
1.The rig is a full hydraulic power head combined structure. It consists of hydraulic pump station, power head, frame, console, and column support.
2.Good disintegration performance, it is easy for the downhole drilling rig to move and shift , flexible layout of the drill.
3.Unique hydraulic system, dual pump. The rig rotation parameters can be independently adjusted, which improves the adaptability of the rig to various drilling processes.
4.The rotary spindle has a through-hole structure, and the length of the drill pipe is not limited by the process. The drill pipe can be configured according to the conditions of the downhole drilling field.
5. The hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamp are used to unload the drill pipe, which is easy to operate, high in efficiency, labor-saving and stable.
6.The oil pipe is connected between the operation console, the pump station and the main engine. The operation is concentrated, and the personnel can operate away from the wellhead, which is beneficial to the stability of the person.
7.Four column support, lifting cylinder to adjust the fuselage (drilling angle), convenient and labor-saving
8.With variable pump, it can be steplessly regulated, which is suitable for a wide range of working conditions.


Model (Crawler Type)

KS400 (Steel Chain)



Dimenstion (mm)


Drilling Hole Diameter(mm)


Drilling Depth(m)


Feed Stroke(mm)


Travelling Speed(km/h)


Climb Capacity (max)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Working Pressure(Mpa)


Air Consumption(m3/min)




Rotation Speed(rpm)


Rotation Torque(Nm)



The drilling rig is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and multi-functional hydraulic drilling rig. It is mainly used for drilling water wells, monitoring wells, geothermal air conditioning holes, hydroelectric cofferdam grouting holes, foundation reinforcement grouting holes. Drilling operations such as open pit mining, anchoring, and national defense engineering; the drilling rig uses a downhole impact casing to follow the wall drilling process to effectively solve the technical problem that the loose layer is not easy to form holes. The rig is equipped with high-power hydraulic motor rotation, cylinder propulsion and lifting, high-pressure submerged hole impactor, high drilling efficiency and low consumption.


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    KS400 Water Well Drill Rig
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