KS150/200 Water Well Drilling Rig

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Features of the KS150 water well drilling rig
1.Small size, light weight and easy installation
2.Three major components, main engine, pump station, console
3.In the original transportation and prospecting roadway, it can be put into production, which will protect the overall structure of the mine. Can also be used for surface 0-90 degree drilling.
4.The rig is flexible in layout, mechanically twisting and unloading the drill pipe, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.
5.With linkage function, centralized control through the console. Simple and safe, stepless speed regulation
6.The hollow shaft design, the length of the drill pipe is not limited by the drilling process. Can drill at any angle.
7.Good disintegration, easy to move and transport
Advantages of KS150 water well drilling rig:
1.Large diameter of drilling
2.Drilling deeply
3. Fast footage
4.Flexible movement
5.Wide application area
Model (Trailer Type)KS150 KS200
Drilling Hole Diameter(mm)100-219100-254
Drilling Depth(m)150200
Drilling Direction(°)45°-90°45°-90°
Feed Stroke(mm)15001500
Power(kw) 7.511
Rotation Speed(rpm)0-6252
Working Pressure(Mpa)0.8-2.11.45-2.5
Air Consumption(m3/min)13-2115-27


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    KS150/200 Water Well Drilling Rig
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