KT25 Integrated Surface DTH Drilling Rig

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Kaishan KT25 integrated surface DTH drilling rig is a new drilling device which is carefully designed for large open-pit mine based on our development and production of DTH drilling rigs for many years. The drilling rig is hydraulically driven to complete walking, propelling, rotation and angle adjustment with strong power; The drilling rig is equipped with high pressure screw compressor head and high pressure pneumatic hammer to generate high drilling efficiency; it is also equipped with hydraulic dry type dust collector to collect dust, so as to reduce pollution to the environment; The drilling rig features good integrity, high level of automation, high drilling performance, environmental protection and energy saving, easy operation, flexibility and safe driving, etc.

1. Disc type auto rod-loading system is used and auto rod-loading can reach the depth of 35m.

2. Equipped with amplitude mechanism, the carriage has total swing angle of 130° (97° to the right and 33° to the left) to freely complete horizontal and vertical holes transition without changing pivot. The lowest elevation horizontal hole is 550mm and the highest elevation is 4,200mm.

3. It adopts Caterpillar electronic fuel injection engine to provide high power and reliable performance.

4. Single engine with two-end output is configured to provide compact structure and convenient maintenance.

5. High Working pressure large-Capacity air compression system (22m3/min, 20bar) guarantees fast drilling of the hammer.

6. Automatic leveling function of the travelling mechanism enables the drilling rig to be more adapted to rugged mountain roads in the mine.

7. Double rod lifting mechanism guides the rig all the way to prevent deflection in the drilling process (It guides the hammer during trepanning and the drill rod during drilling).

8. The drilling rig adopts imported hydraulic parts and electric appliance.

Zhengzhou Kaishan Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD.

Zhengzhou Kaishan Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,LTD.


Technical Parameter of KT25 Integrated Surface DTH Drilling Rig

Rock rigidityf=6-20
Drilling diameter mm152-203
Economic drilling depth(Auto Post Depth) m35
Travel speed Km/h3
Climbing capacity25°
Ground clearance mm430
Total Power kW328
DieselCaterpillar C13
Capacity of screw compressor m3/min26
Working pressure of screw compressor bar25
Dimensions (long×width×high) mm12200×2840×3620
Weight Kg25800
Rotation speed r/min0-118
Rotary torque N*m6100
Max. feed force N65000
Guide tilt125°
Guide swingRight97° left33°
Boom swingRight42° left15°
Boom liftUp42° down20°
Frame balance angleUp10° down10°
Feed length mm4500
Compensation length mm1800
Drill rodφ102/127×5000mm
Dust catching methodDry / wet (optional)
Rod loading methodAuto rod-loading
Automatic anti-sticking methodElectro-hydraulic control to prevent sticking
Lubrication method of drill rodAutomatic splash lubrication
Drill rod thread protectionEquipped with float joint to protect the drill rod thread
Drilling displayReal-time display of drilling angle and depth


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