KW400 Multi-function Geothermal Water Well Drilling Rig

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Our KW400 Multi-function Geothermal Water Well Drilling Rig is one kind of slight-type, efficient and multi-function hole drilling equipment,it is mainly applied to drill water well, geothermal air-conditioning hole and well hole for other purposes. The drilling rig can be used for drilling operation in different stratums and the maximum depth of the hole can reach up to 250m. The drill rig adopts new-type hydraulic technique and it is matched with high torque hydraulic motor for rotation, large-diameter hydraulic cylinder for propulsion as well as engine manufactured by famous factory,providing the hydraulic system with power. Two-stage air filter and air compressor inlet design extends the service life of diesel engine. Unique pump group design is convenient for maintenance and reduces the maintenance cost. Centrally controlled hydraulic control board is convenient for operation. The drilling rig adopts special caterpillar base plate for engineering machinery, with strong off-road performance. Independent module design can make the drilling rig installed on the truck, increasing its maneuverability. For the combined positioner, the positioning plate can be adjusted and replaced according to different models of drill rod and drill hammer, so as to ensure that the positioning and centering are accurate and reliable.
1. Double-motors swing mechanism
Straight-tooth reducer casingdriven by two imported hydraulic motors provides strong, reliable rotary torque for the drilling rig, which reduces the possibility of jamming of a drilling tool and ensures that there is enough torque reserve in case of drilling deep hole.
2. Centralized operating system
The hydraulic control system with optimization design can ensure reliable and everlasting working performance of the drilling rig. The propulsion pressure handle that is convenient to adjust and convenient for user to conduct adjustment operation according to different working conditions.
3. Double-cylinder propulsion cylinder
Two high-pressure propulsion cylinders with large diameter and large stroke can ensure that the drilling rig has strong and reliable lifting and propulsion force. Meanwhile, it coordinates with the bipolar retractable guide rail, which ensures that the turn-around machine has enough movement space and is convenient for the user to loading and unloading the drill stem and casing pipe.
4. Two-stage filtering mechanism of diesel engine
Two-stage filtering mechanism of diesel engine is used cooperatively with the inlet device connecting the compressed air, so as to ensure that the cleanliness of air source for diesel engine, reduce fault of drilling rig and extend the service life of diesel engine.
5. Safe and reliable travelling mechanism
High-power excavator base plate is adopted, so as to ensure that the reliability of drill rig and it is convenient for movement of complete machine. It is driven by the wheel motor, with strong gradeability and low failure rate.
6. Triple pump group
High-pressure triple pump manufactured by famous factory and the diesel engine direct connection mechanism, with compact structure, provide the hydraulic system with reliable and steady high pressure circuit.




Drilling Hole Diameter


Drilling Depth


Traveling Speed


Rotation Speed


Rotation Torque


Max.Feed Force


Max.Hoist Force


Feed Stroke


Climb Capacity


Ground Clearance


Jacket Stroke






Engine Model

Yuchai YC4A150-T300


113kw /2200r/min

Working Pressure


Air Consumption








Recommended Air Compressor


NOTE:Truck Mounted Type Optional

ApplicationsThis KW series crawler multi-functional well drill rig can drill diameter from 110 to 273mm and drilling depth of 250m.It is a new-type efficient, energy-saving and multi-functional hydraulic drill rig and can be widely used in the hole drilling of water wells, monitor wells, geothermal air-conditioning holes, anchor and national defense projects, especially applicable to the water intaking in mountain areas and rock stratums. An advanced technology has been applied to our water well drilling rig and geothermal drilling rig. Thus the drilling process will be accelerated in loose rock. In the drill rig, a variety of high performance components are mounted, including high power hydraulic motor rotating device, oil cylinder propulsion and lifting devices, and high pressure borehole drill hammer. The drilling efficiency is quite high and the energy consumption is very low. As a kind of leading water well drilling equipment in China, the KW series products can be modified as truck mounted drilling rig.


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